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GCI Building Envelope Expert Witness Team -  Alfonso Alzamora, Chris Matthews, and Shauna Serafini

Expert Witness & Construction Defect Litigation Consulting

Construction attorneys, insurance carriers, and property owners need help from building envelope experts to navigate complex construction defect cases.

We are frequently called upon by construction litigation firms, insurers, and property owners to provide unbiased, scientifically-backed, expert opinions about building envelope defects. We conduct thorough forensic investigations and deliver expert support and testimony in all phases of litigation. Our experts communicate in a credible, confident manner and are capable of distilling complex information into easy-to-understand reports and testimony.

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Building Envelope Forensic Investigations Team assessing water leakage

Forensic Investigations of the Building Envelope

Water leakage is a big problem that some building owners attempt to solve on their own with expensive repairs. But without a clear understanding of the root cause and scope of the damage, you'll continue to throw your money away. A building envelope expert can properly assess the damage and provide strategies and solutions to solve the problem for good.

Our seasoned team specializes in conducting forensic investigations of the full building envelope including waterproofing, walls, roofing, and glazing systems to determine damage and/or defects to residential, commercial, and institutional properties. We've helped clients in hotels and hospitality, industrial and manufacturing, healthcare facilities, entertainment complexes, and many other industries.

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Building Envelope hurricane damage testing

Disaster Investigations and Claim Support

When your building has been struck by a hurricane or severe weather event, some damage, such as broken windows or water leakage, will be obvious. But what about what you can't see? A building envelope expert can detect damage that's not obvious to you but could cause future water leakage or even compromise your building's structural integrity.

Our team assists property owners by providing the expert knowledge and data they need to achieve a fair outcome to their claims. We conduct full forensic investigations into water intrusion and the effects of wind damage to provide the detailed reporting and expertise necessary to accurately evaluate the value of the property damage claim.

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Identifying & Solving Building Envelope Problems

Our team has extensive experience solving complex building envelope problems such as water infiltration, glazing system performance issues, roofing defects, and more! See what our experts have to say...



Learn more about GCI services from CEO & Founder, Paul Beers.

See how we help diagnosis glazing system performance problems from Senior Consultant, Shauna Serafini.

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Building Envelope Expert, Chris Matthews, conducting on-site inspection

Put Our Building Envelope Experts To Work

Our experts can be deployed anywhere they're needed --nationally or internationally. Contact us today with questions or problems and we'll tailor our building consulting services to fit your unique needs.

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