Solvers and Preventers of Building Envelope Problems!

GCI’s Services

Litigation Consulting & Expert Witness

Paul Beers, CEO & Founder, talks about our Litigation Consulting & Expert Witness Services.

Company Overview of GCI Consultants

Chris Matthews, President & Principal, talks about GCI Consultants, our clients, our services, and projects.

Forensic Investigations

Jason Bondurant, Senior Consultant, talks about our strategic projects division.

Façade Investigations in Accordance with ASTM E2128

Shauna Serafini, Senior Consultant, talks about façade investigations.

GCI Services

Alfonso Alzamora, Vice President & Principal, talks about the range of services GCI provides.

Client Testimonials

Building Envelope Consultation

Rick Chitwood, Senior VP of the Trump Group, talks about his long term exclusive business relationship with GCI Consultants for building envelope services for his high-rise condo projects.

Hurricane Recovery Consultation

Rick Chitwood, Senior VP of the Trump Group, talks about how GCI Consultants provided building inspections and field water infiltration testing during the Hurricane Irma recovery efforts.

GCI Staff Testimonials

David Hansen

David Hansen, Consultant & Project Manager, talks about his construction industry experience and his position at GCI Consultants.

Susan Roth

Susan Roth, Controller, talks about her history and position at GCI Consultants.

Gabriel Rivera

Gabriel Rivera, Inspector Engineer, talks about his position at GCI Consultants.