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Our People are Solvers and Preventers of Building Envelope Problems!
GCI employs specialist consultants for each building envelope subcategory. Our glazing, exterior wall systems, waterproofing and roof experts provide a specialized expertise that is second to none. Scroll down to read about our building enclosure experts.
Paul E. Beers established GCI Consultants in 1988. He has over 25 years experience in the window and glazing trade and with building envelopes. He is a leading expert with glazing systems and hurricane damage and protection. He was instrumental in the development and implementation of missile impact tests after Hurricane Andrew hit Dade County, FL. His expertise includes windows, doors, glass and wall claddings with an emphasis on water leakage and damage. He has served as an expert witness in federal and circuit courts for windows, doors, glass and wall systems and water leakage. Mr. Beers has been cited as an expert on nationally televised programs such as CNN, along with interviews by local television and radio stations throughout the nation. He has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Popular Science, Engineering News Record and many daily newspapers and trade publications regarding his work with glazing and hurricane damage and prevention. He has been a featured speaker at Florida Department of Insurance, Institute for Business and Home Safety, Construction Specifications Institute, ASTM, Glass Association of North America, and the Glass Association of Florida. He has published articles with Progressive Architecture, Glass Magazine, U.S. Glass and Metal and CSI Magazine.

William D. Smith is President of GCI. He has over 40 years of experience in the design and construction of glazing systems and building envelopes. Mr. Smith has been involved in numerous industry organizations and currently is a member of the Construction Specifications Institute and the American Society for Testing and Materials, and also serves as a director of the Southeast Glass Association, Inc. He is a state licensed building contractor and founder of the Glazier’s Apprenticeship Program that trained many young men and women to new careers in the glass industry. Mr. Smith is recognized as an expert in the field of windows, doors, glass, and exterior wall systems, including all aspects of weatherproofing and water intrusion. He is an authority on Exterior Insulation Finish Systems (EIFS), sealants, and waterproofing systems, and has an extensive history of forensic building investigation. Mr. Smith has demonstrated his expertise in the field of hurricane damage and development of hurricane protection systems. He has performed many post-hurricane damage investigations. Mr. Smith has designed a variety of glazing applications for new construction projects including windows, doors and glazed curtain walls as well as specialty glazing system for exhibits and blast resistance.

Mr. Smith has published a number of papers on water infiltration, quality control construction methods, and testing procedures for hurricane resistant glazing systems. He has been a speaker at meetings of the American Architectural Manufacturer’s Assn., the American Society of Civil Engineers, the Building Officials and Code Administrators International, the American Society for Testing and Materials and Window and Door Manufacturers Assn.

Christopher Matthews is Vice President and a Senior Consultant, employed with GCI Consultants since 2002. He has over 30 years of experience working with exterior glazing and wall systems, and specializes in the installation and water resistance of these systems. He has consulted with owners, architects, engineers, insurers, and builders on hundreds of projects throughout North America and the Caribbean, and also serves as an expert witness in related matters. He has worked extensively in the construction of new projects and the investigation and correction of existing structures with performance problems. Mr. Matthews is a graduate of the University of Florida, a certified EIFS inspector, a Certified Building Commissioning Professional, and a member of various industry organizations. He has published articles in several trade periodicals and made many accredited presentations to other industry professionals.

Alfonso Alzamora is a Principal at GCI. He is a Florida licensed professional engineer with fifteen years of consulting and engineering experience, specializing in architectural engineering design and inspection of building envelope elements for new and existing structures. Mr. Alzamora has worked on hundreds of projects in North America and the Caribbean. He provides technical and engineering expertise on new construction projects to develop and construct high performance building enclosure systems. Mr. Alzamora also has extensive experience working on buildings with envelope performance problems, conducting forensic evaluations that lead to remedial design and management of replacement or rehabilitation programs, as well as associated litigation support services. Mr. Alzamora is involved in business development with owners, architects, engineers, construction professionals and property managers. He is a member of various industry organizations, has published articles in several newsletters, and holds credentials as a certified general contractor and LEED professional.

Shauna Serafini has been a Consultant, employed with GCI since 2009. Shuana was promoted to Senior Consultant in 2017. Mrs. Serafini holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering with over six years of experience in the construction industry. She is accredited by GBCI as a LEED Green Associate and holds a Certified Building Commissioning Professional title from the Association of Energy Engineers. As a consultant at GCI, Mrs. Serafini has provided field inspections and testing, forensic investigation and analysis, and associated services related to new or existing installations of exterior glazing and wall systems, emphasizing on quality assurance and control required for a sound building envelope.

Bret Taylor is a Forensic Engineer/Senior Consultant of GCI Consultants, LLC.

Mr. Taylor has over 25 years of experience in civil and structural engineering, design, and construction. This includes investigation of commercial, industrial, and residential buildings for attorneys, insurance companies, and property owners. Mr. Taylor’s investigation expertise includes cause and origin (C&O) investigations, and expert witness representation, for horizontal and vertical structures to address various issues such as design errors and standard of care, building envelope water intrusion, code compliance issues, construction defects and poor workmanship, storm damage, accidents, maintenance, structural repair, and product liability.

Mr. Taylor has also performed design development, structural analysis, and detailed design for commercial, industrial and government buildings and residential structures.

Jason Bondurant, E.I., was a consultant and engineer employed with GCI since 2013. Jason was promoted to Director of Strategic Projects in 2017. He has experience with both new and remedial construction of the building envelope. As a consultant he provides design, analysis, documentation, project management, forensic investigation, and other associated services. He also provides field engineering services and inspections, including performing special structural building inspections for the City of Miami and Miami Beach. Mr. Bondurant has an emphasis on quality control, and is a strong advocate for the client in the field. He specializes in concrete restoration, waterproofing, exterior glazing and wall systems.

David Hansen is a Consultant/Project Manager employed with GCI Consultants since 2015. He has over twenty-six years of experience in the design of custom project specific glazing systems, creating system plans to suite architectural design, along with orchestrating installation methods for glazing systems installed on every type project from High-Rise Curtain Wall to low rise Window Wall. He has worked extensively in the construction of new projects along with the investigation and correction of existing wall cladding systems illustrating performance issues.

David has received many letters of appreciation for his ability to re-design problematic building conditions that resulted in successful system installations. Mr. Hansen attended Akron University Business and Computer Science, is a Florida Certified General Contractor, holds a license in Real Estate and is well versed with AutoCAD design.

Terry Tucker is a Senior Technician at GCI Consultants, LLC where he has worked for over 12 years. Terry’s duties at GCI range from the lead technician on ASTM water intrusion testing to the inspection of large envelope installations. Terry has spent his entire working career in the building construction industry. After serving as a Marine in Vietnam, Terry returned to the U.S. and started working as an ironworker/welder in the building construction business. Although Terry continued as an ironworker, Terry expanded into the glazing business adding glass installation to his experience. The 6+ years prior to Terry joining GCI were spent as a business owner providing remedial services for the repair of building envelope issues across Florida and beyond. With this extensive experience and background in building construction, Terry was a natural fit to join GCI and apply his experience to serve and assist GCI’s extensive client base. Terry is swing stage and lift operation certified.

Abelardo Uribe is a Consultant and Project Manager employed with GCI consultants since 2016. Mr. Uribe holds a Bachelor Degree in Architecture with over 21 years of construction related experience including glass and glazing inspection on new and renovation projects, forensic investigations, special inspection and building envelope consulting. His understanding of the industry has allowed him to work on a vast number of projects in South Florida.

Maria Rivera joined the GCI Consultants team in 2015 as a Project Engineer working on a massive restoration project. Her field performance revolved around inspecting glazing and waterproofing systems, testing stucco and concrete to determine what needed to be repaired and making sure that everything met the standards and specifications of the project. In November 2017, Maria was promoted to a new position as Project Manager working on hurricane wind damage investigations. In January of 2018, she was promoted to Director of our Hurricane Division. Maria will be supervising and training a group of inspectors that will be conducting field inspections. Maria will supervise the logistics for field tasks and preparation of deliverables. She will assemble draft documents for final review and maintain projects schedule, budget and documents.

Maria graduated from an ABET-accredited university where she earned a Civil Engineering degree and a Master’s degree in Engineering Management. Maria has experience in construction projects, construction safety, engineering design and drafting.

Maria possesses advanced analytical capabilities, she is fully bilingual in English and Spanish, and is a dynamic self-starter with excellent teamwork principles. Marias strengths include determination, handling responsibility, being detail oriented and she has quick learning and problem-solving abilities.

Marias goal is to provide unparalled service to our clients.

Eric Linardich is a Quality Assurance Supervisor working for GCI Consultants, LLC.  He has been working with GCI since early 2018.  Eric started his career with GCI conducting inspections in the field, working on both sides of glazing reports, post Hurricane Irma. He put together damage reports involving single family homes, homeowner associations, and high-rise structures. Eric soon graduated to training other inspectors and report engineers. He continues to develop protocols and procedures for GCI employees to follow.

Currently, he is Project Manager, working in the Florida panhandle, assessing damage from Hurricane Michael.

Pradel Frank joined the GCI Consultants team in November of 2018 as an engineering assistant to the CEO. His experience since then has revolved around assisting with glazing inspections, forensics, and litigation. Pradel is a mechanical engineer holding a bachelor’s degree from Florida International University and came to us with prior engineering work experience. His current role is to perform structural, building envelope and glazing inspections for damage assessment and to include quality control, and report writing.

Gabriel Rivera joined the GCI Consultants team in 2016 as a Project Engineer working on a massive restoration project. Mr. Rivera graduated from an ABET-accredited university where he earned a Civil Engineering degree. Mr. Rivera has provided field inspections and testing, forensic investigations and analysis, and associated services related to new or existing installations of exterior glazing systems emphasizing on quality assurance and control required for a sound building envelope. Gabriel also performs structural, building envelope, and glazing inspections for damage assessments including quality control and report writing.

Mr. Rivera possesses advanced analytical capabilities, is fully bilingual in English and Spanish. In 2018, he became GCI’s second official FAA certified drone pilot for the AirGCI program.

GCI Consultants Staff Meeting 2018