About GCI

Solvers and Preventers of Building Envelope Problems!

Wind and water can wreak havoc on building enclosures. This costs building owners billions of dollars annually in damages, escalating insurance premiums, and costly litigation. Today’s building industry professionals need to know their projects are performing properly and are as disaster-resistant as possible. Fortunately, many of these problems can be minimized with expert construction advice.

No one possesses more knowledge of the building envelope than the construction consulting team at GCI. With specialized experts in everything from windows, doors and wall systems to roofing and waterproofing, GCI has the practical knowledge and experience to solve any envelope dilemma. GCI has consulted on significant architectural projects throughout North and South America and the Caribbean. We have been recognized by clients, media and industry professionals for our consistent ability to solve problems cost effectively and efficiently.

Simply put, we are solvers of almost any building envelope problem. We help our clients identify and resolve existing performance problems such as water leaks, glazing or wall system problems, or roofing issues with cost-effective solutions.

No matter where we work, GCI consultants delivers prompt, attentive service and work to save our clients’ money – often far in excess of our own fees. We treat our customers’ projects as if they were our own. Our goal is to provide superior envelope performance and peace of mind in a cost-effective manner.

Because every project is unique and has its own requirements, we tailor our services and proposals to fit your project-specific needs. GCI’s experts are strategically located near major airports and transportation hubs to serve our clients locally, nationwide and internationally. Contact one of our Experts on Call now to discuss your building envelope needs and the ways we can assist you.