Building Envelope

Forensic Investigations of the Building Envelope

Water leakage is a big problem that some building owners attempt to solve on their own with expensive repairs. But without a clear understanding of the root cause and scope of the damage, you'll continue to throw your money away. A building envelope expert can properly assess the damage and provide strategies and solutions to solve the problem for good.

Our seasoned team specializes in conducting forensic investigations of the full building envelope including waterproofing, walls, roofing, and glazing systems to determine damage and/or defects to residential, commercial, and institutional properties. We've helped clients in hotels and hospitality, industrial and manufacturing, healthcare facilities, entertainment complexes, and many other industries.

Success or failure of a building envelope, including waterproofing, cladding, glazing and roofing, can determine the outcome of a project. Litigation, energy loss, insurability, moisture damage and natural disasters all threaten the investment.