Building Envelope

Design Services

  • Design Assistance – Help develop building envelope related portions of the Contract Documents.
    Assist with the selection and detailing of materials and systems.
  • Specifications – Review and provide information as needed to develop specifications that fully describe the Contract Documents requirements. Confirm appropriate materials, installation and performance requirements.
  • Plan Reviews – Peer review of building envelope. Provide review comments digitally in redline format.
  • Design Team Meetings – Available for meetings to collaborate and assist with development of contract documents and discuss review comments. Meetings can be in person or online web meetings before the contract is awarded to minimize unforeseen costs.
Success or failure of a building envelope, including waterproofing, cladding, glazing and roofing, can determine the outcome of a project. Litigation, energy loss, insurability, moisture damage and natural disasters all threaten the investment.

Construction Services

  • Peer Review of Construction Documents – Review completed documents for completeness, constructability, industry standard of care and best practices. Provide comments digitally in redline format.
  • Shop Drawing and Submittals Review – Review shop drawings and submittals for compliance with Contract Documents. Confirm completeness, constructability, compliance with manufacturers’ and industry requirements and best practices. Provide comments digitally in redline format.
  • Pre-Construction Conferences – Conduct an on-site meeting with interested parties to include ownership representation, design professionals, contractors, sub-contractors and tradesmen. Review the project requirements and field conditions. Establish expectations for the standard of quality of the work. Outline quality control measures by contractors, subcontractors and tradesmen.
  • Site Inspections – Conduct third party site inspections to verify installation is following requirements of the Contract Documents, approved Shop Drawings and Submittals, Manufacturers’ Requirements and Industry Standard of Care. Provide reports with any needed action items. Track action items until resolution.
  • Field Water Infiltration Tests – Conduct ASTM E1105 field water infiltration tests. The test involves constructing an air barrier across the inside of an assembly and vacuuming air from it, while applying a uniform water spray across the exterior. The test is a field version of laboratory certification tests and simulates the conditions of a wind driven rain storm.
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