Yacht Harbor Condominiums

Miami, Florida

Services Provided By GCI Consultants

Prepared plans and specifications for the following repairs

  • Concrete remediation for tower, garage, pool and planter structures
  • Waterproofing of recreation deck, planters, tennis courts and unit terraces
  • Balcony railing repairs and painting Painting and waterproofing of building
  • Replacement of original corner windows with new impact resistant glazing assemblies
  • Provided construction administration and inspection services including full time site representation
  • Provided 40-year structural recertification of the property to the City of Miami.

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GCI was instrumental in providing services in restoring this historic building to its former glory. This job was so comprehensive that GCI assigned a full-time engineer to the project. Yacht Harbour underwent a 4O-year recertification and was updated to compliant and serviceable condition, while receiving an aesthetic facelift that will serve it well for many years.