Daytona International Speedway

Daytona, Florida

Building Envelope Consulting for Daytona International Speedway

  • GCI assisted in determining specific glass products for the luxury boxes as well as a glazing system that offered the widest possible field of vision, so that a fan’s view would not be obstructed.
  • GCI also suggested products that would help to cut down on the sounds of the track, while still allowing fans to enjoy the atmosphere of a live NASCAR race.
  • Another key component of the services offered by GCI was the focus on preventing water leaks within any of the building envelope systems, which included extensive terrace waterproofing details, terrace interfaces with glass walls, the various glazing and wall panel systems, and the many roofs that extended over these new areas.
  • GCI consulted with the Architect and General Contractor throughout the project to help design waterproofing, roofing and glazing systems to keep water out and prevent field of vision issues for NASCAR fans.
  • GCI provided pre-installation services, inspections, and testing throughout the construction process to verify that all systems were installed per the construction documents and functioning as anticipated.
  • This exciting enhancement project is now serving successfully as the shining star of the NASCAR circuit

This large project brought about a variety of unique challenges, including creating the widest field of vision possible, as well as minimizing, but not eliminating the track sounds, and finally ensuring that water was kept out on all concourse levels.

GCI was brought in because of our previous experience working directly with NASCAR on prior projects, including one at a prominent racetrack in Michigan.

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Daytona International Speedway is the flagship racetrack for NASCAR, and one of the oldest racetracks in the NASCAR circuit. Most of the Daytona facilities have been added on to over the years, and NASCAR management was interested in a major upgrade that created a more modern stadium-like experience, which included large luxury boxes, comfortable seat backs, and different levels of concourses featuring a wide array of concessions for the NASCAR enthusiast.