Winds of Change

Derek Segal, building consultant with GCI, was at the helm of the Everything Building Envelope podcast recently, hosting a fascinating discussion with meteorologist Rocco Calaci, of LRC Services. Rocco Calaci was a meteorologist with the United States Air Force for 20 years and also an instructor for the Department of Defense. Rocco finished his career [...]

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The Complete Guide to Last-Minute Evacuations

As we approach Hurricane Season in 2019, GCI Consultants would like to provide you with some useful information provided to us by our friends at Million Mile Secrets. Here is there Complete Guide to Last-Minute Evacuations. There’s no question last-minute evacuations can be scary and stressful, especially if you don’t have the information you need [...]

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Panama City Hurricane Inspections

GCI Consultants Begins Hurricane Michael Damage Inspections GCI Consultants, LLC., a building envelope consulting firm with expertise in Hurricane Damage Inspections, is establishing an inspection team in the Panama City, Florida area to begin inspecting damaged buildings following Hurricane Michael devastating the area last October 2018.  The first assignment will be inspection of damaged [...]

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AAMA to Host Webinar on Glazing System Performance During Hurricane Irma

During this already active hurricane season, the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) will host a webinar about lessons learned from 2017’s Hurricane Irma, which primarily impacted Florida. AAMA will host Chris Matthews, Vice President and Senior Consultant of GCI Consultants, as he speaks about glazing system performance during Hurricane Irma. Observations from hundreds of inspections [...]

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Hurricane Irma Aftermath – Press Release

GCI Consultants Investigates Water Leakage in Hurricane-Resistant Windows Ravaged by Hurricane Irma Field Water Infiltration Tests Used to Re-Create Catastrophic Wind and Rain Conditions of Irma  West Palm Beach, FL—Jan. 31, 2018—As Hurricane Irma trekked through Florida, she left behind a trail of destructive flooding, wind damage and power outages. [...]

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Hurricane Windows Meet Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Windows Meet Hurricane Irma The "Everything Building Envelope" podcast brought back guest Will Smith for a third time on a recent episode, this time for more discussion about the aftermath of Hurricane Irma. Will Smith works alongside podcast host Paul Beers at GCI Consultants and has a vast store of knowledge about glazing systems [...]

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After Irma

Hurricane Irma has come and gone. Now what? In a special episode of the "Everything Building Envelope" podcast, host Paul Beers outlines next steps for listeners faced with the devastation the powerful hurricane left behind. Paul brings his own substantial professional expertise to the fore, but he also speaks as a resident of Florida and [...]

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Water Leaks Caused by Hurricane Irma

By Jason Bondurant, EI GCI Consultants, LLC While media coverage of the devastation following Hurricane Irma focuses on catastrophic wind damage, flooding, and power outages, a much more common and sometimes equally as devastating effect from the storm is often overlooked: water leaks. The costs of the damaging effects and necessary repairs due to water [...]

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Hurricane Irma Recovery Tips

By Paul E. Beers Check out our podcast about Hurricane Irma Recovery tips by clicking here. Hurricane Irma passed through Florida Sunday and Monday, and thankfully it was not as bad as feared.  After passing through the Florida Keys, it made landfall at Marco Island and Naples in Southwest Florida as a Category 4 storm, [...]

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Hurricane Resistant Windows & Doors

After our experience with Hurricane Matthew, many on the east coast were relieved at the end of the 2016 hurricane season.  Matthew was primarily a water event as opposed to a wind event, but nevertheless, uncertainty forced homeowners and businesses to invest thousands upon thousands of hours installing plywood covers, storm panels, and other types [...]

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