Water Leakage Investigations

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Water leaks are often overlooked in the aftermath of the torrential rains and violent winds that wreak havoc on Florida’s buildings, yet they present a serious threat to the structure. That is why water damage from leaks is one of the leading causes of insurance claims.

Find the Source

Moisture penetration through the building envelope is difficult to detect in the early stages, but the source needs to be found quickly. Without knowing the origin of the leak, managers are caught in a cycle of ineffective repairs, while the structure continues to deteriorate.

Forensic leak investigations call for a deep understanding of the building system and the components that defend it from the elements. Solid expertise, investigative skills, and state-of-the-art technology are required to track down the source of water intrusion.

Solve the Problem

The highly qualified team at GCI Consultants will find the source, assess the damage, and document the next steps to safeguard the structure. The GCI team prepares comprehensive reports that contain everything property owners, managers, and claim advocates need to know to move forward with a solid plan of action. Clients are assured that recommendations will lead to cost-effective, successful repairs that restore the integrity of the building envelope.

How GCI Consultants Can Help

GCI Consultants provides a full range of hurricane damage services, including damage inspections, damage assessments, and reports, and claim support. With qualified expertise and extensive experience throughout the United States and beyond, GCI has firmly established a reputation as a leader in the industry.

Contact us for assistance in Disaster Investigations and Claim Support— before the next one.

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