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Waterproofing Exterior Walls

Waterproofing Exterior Walls It might take years to see the effects of moisture infiltration to the house, but the results can be structurally devastating and expensive to repair. Preventing water from entering through the exterior wall is one of the most challenging parts of construction. Waterproofing Methods A barrier system is commonly used to prevent [...]

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Drones for Construction Consulting Saves Money for Clients

GCI Consultants Deploys Drones for Safer, Smarter Consulting in the Construction Industry “Air GCI has received its operating certificate from the FAA and is beginning flights….” Picture this: Before the workday begins at a construction site, a lightweight, nearly-silent inspection drone skims the outer walls and roof of the building. It quickly documents the potential [...]

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Why Should You Avoid Window Condensation?

Written by Mike Bowie Senior Consultant for GCI Thousands of people wonder and ask each year about the condensation on their windows and doors. If you research the subject, you will find many different answers. Most window manufactures publish great articles on their websites. However, often it is hard to get an overall understanding of [...]

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Waterproofing Systems from Ground to Roof

Building envelopes are an essential structure in waterproofing. In a recent podcast called Everything Building Envelope  by host Paul Beers, Peter Craig Senior Consultant for GCI Consultants, LLC talked waterproofing in places like Florida where moisture is a constant feature. He also talked about building envelopes and how they create a shell separating the [...]

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Everything Building Envelope Series

GCI Consultants Announces the Everything Building Envelope Series by Paul Beers. Visit (, Listen and Subscribe Today! A unique podcast series is launching for those of you involved, working in and interested in the construction industry. Building owners, Architects, Construction Firms, Contractors and Vendors etc. will benefit and enjoy listening to this podcast series from [...]

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Replacement of Rotten Framing

GCI Consultant’s work entails the replacement of rotten framing. The picture above is a clear example of the damage water intrusion can do to a wood-framed home. As seen, the window sill no longer has support to the remainder of the structure. This can further damage the home in the long-term with extra stresses acting [...]

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Paul Beers interviewed by Levante Business Group

 The following is an audio file or podcast of Paul Beers in an interview with Levante Business group. The text below is an outline of the interview with resources and notes. [tube]69Xg0jWmJkE[/tube] Content Source = Episode Description: In this episode we interview Paul Beers, founder of GCI Consultants. Paul shares his insights on starting [...]

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Water Penetration Testing

By Shauna Sproul Field testing of building exteriors for water penetration, frequently simply called "water testing," is essential for identifying manufacturing and construction defects in windows, doors, skylights, and other openings in the building envelope.  For example, a window might leak due to problems with installation of waterproofing and perimeter sealant details, or because of [...]

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Glazing System Replacements

By Jason Bondurant Replacing windows or doors is no small task. Just ask any building owner or manager who has faced the challenge. What may seem simple at first becomes increasingly complex, once all the factors involved are considered and construction starts. It goes beyond material costs, building codes, and contractors. You also must take [...]

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