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We’ve Got Your Back with The Building Envelope!

One of the greatest areas of liability and concern for any project is the integrity of the exterior building envelope. Keeping out wind and water is critical. What may seem simple, actually is very complicated with various materials and systems, quality of workmanship, and ever changing environmental conditions.

Why not hire an expert to help navigate through the complexities of the building envelope? GCI is just that expert. Since 1988 we have been collaborating with our clients to prevent and solve building envelope issues. From glazing, to cladding, to waterproofing, to roofing, our experts help get the best outcome.

We help our clients with:

  • New Construction – Design Assistance and Construction Quality Control

  • Forensic Investigations – Finding and Solving Problems

  • Repair and Maintenance – Keeping Systems at Peak Performance Levels

  • Expert Witness Services – Analyzing and Preparing Claims and Testifying in Court.

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