Deploy Drones for Envelope Inspections

Inspecting your building envelope and roof is no easy feat. The taller your building, the more dangerous it is to gain access to the upper levels. Plus, the time-consuming nature of the work makes it expensive, especially if you have to send multiple inspectors to the roof. But a new technology is changing the way [...]

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The Trials And Tribulations Of Replacement of a Commercial Roofing System

Okay so it’s time to replace the most important building component responsible for waterproofing your building, the roof. The way you go about this and consequential decisions made as a result will impact the integrity of the building and your level of stress, or desired peace of mind for years to come. In most instances, [...]

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Roof Consulting

Wise Words on Roofs Chris Matthews, vice president and senior consultant for GCI Consultants, stepped into the role of host for a recent episode of the "Everything Building Envelope" podcast, to engage in a timely discussion with roof expert and new GCI team member, Derek Segal. Derek comes to GCI from a successful career as [...]

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Welcome Derek Segal to Team GCI

In our quest to provide comprehensive assessments of your entire building envelope, GCI is pleased to announce expansion of our scope of services to include building envelope services and comprehensive roofing services. Services GCI will provide include inspections and condition assessments, storm damage evaluations, window and door analysis, litigation support, design and implementation of roof [...]

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40-Year Building Recertifications

On the "Everything Building Envelope" podcast, host Paul Beers and his guest James LaGreca discussed everything you need to know about that looming 40-year building recertification date, demystifying the process with some solid information and good advice. James LaGreca is Director of Operations for DSS Condo, a subdivision of Development Services Solutions, a leading construction management firm in Florida. James has a Master of Architecture degree and also teaches Structural Systems at Florida International University.

Drones for Construction Consulting Saves Money for Clients

GCI Consultants Deploys Drones for Safer, Smarter Consulting in the Construction Industry “Air GCI has received its operating certificate from the FAA and is beginning flights….” Picture this: Before the workday begins at a construction site, a lightweight, nearly-silent inspection drone skims the outer walls and roof of the building. It quickly documents the potential [...]

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The Right System For Your Roof

Five Points to Check Your Roofing Intelligence Quotient (RIQ) Choosing the right roofing system membrane involves more than just selecting the strongest, most reliable product. Many factors should be considered, like the reputation and track history of the manufacturer, energy savings associated with the membrane and the value of the warranty that covers the product. [...]

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South Miami Hospital Re-Roofing Project

GCI has recently signed on with Array Architects to provide building envelope consulting services for the design and development of the Pavilion renovations re-roof project at South Miami Hospital, project location in 6200 SW 73rd Street, South Miami   The 11,000 square foot subject roof tops a seven story building and is one of approximately [...]

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Renaissance Santo Domingo Gets Facelift

GCI Involved in Entire Exterior Rehab - Roof, Windows and Waterproofing The Renaissance Santo Domingo Jaragua Hotel & Casino, one of the oldest and finest hotels in the Dominican Republic's capital city, is getting a facelift both inside and out. The $30 million, top-to-bottom renovation started this April under the careful management of Mark G. [...]

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Comprehensive Inspections Can Lead to Long-Term Cost Savings

Most people have heard that one has to spend money to make money. However, in today’s uncertain economic times, companies across the country are not just looking to make money––they are also tightening their belts, battening down the hatches, and looking for ways to save. Even during these times, it is important to remember sometimes [...]

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