The Right System For Your Roof


Five Points to Check Your Roofing Intelligence Quotient (RIQ)

  • Choosing the right roofing system membrane involves more than just selecting the strongest, most reliable product. Many factors should be considered, like the reputation and track history of the manufacturer, energy savings associated with the membrane and the value of the warranty that covers the product. It is important that you take all of these factors into consideration when identifying the “real cost” of your roof.
  • Many manufacturers continually alter their product formulas. Look for proof that the system product chosen stands up to integrity testing. If you want your roof to last 20 years, withstanding exposure to chemicals and extreme UV exposure, request manufacturer success stories or proven time tested track records. Be critical in your evaluation: many products that start out performing great, however over a short period of time some systems lose their original physical properties with age. Request data from system installations in your geographic area that have performed as intended in accordance with the warranty terms.
  • The cost of your roof system demands looking beyond the base price. The system value is calculated by factoring in proven longevity, energy savings can bring additional value if it is a reflective roof system, as well as maintenance and repair costs. Check with the Department of Energy for the data in reference to reflective roof systems in your area.
  • The value of a warranty in many cases is a piece of paper used as a marketing tool. Warranties protect the manufacturer and with some, the proof of failure lies with the owner. Warranty’s for 15 or 20 years makes you feel safe the day you buy it, you must verify that the roof system and the manufacturer last that long. Understand the warranty, and all of its exclusions. Many warranties are pro-rated and exclude common conditions like ponding water, hail, oil or grease.
  • The best system in the world put in the wrong hands will fail. The quality of the finished product depends on the experience of the installer. Check to see if the product manufacturer provides installation training for the contractor. Ask the contractor for a complete project reference list to verify customers have been satisfied with the installation of the system you select.