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Case Study – Cancer Treatment Centers Of America

GA GCI Consultants, LLC, was retained by the project Owner to provide quality assurance consulting services for a new addition to the existing hospital, including numerous new roof tie ins to existing roofs, parapet walls, expansion joints as well as consultation on the entire building envelope. GCI inspected the new roofs during construction and after [...]

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Vote for Daytona Rising Project.

The #daytonarising project is a finalist for a Global BIM award for their diverse implementation of constructable models! Help support @bartonmalow with their award submission by voting now... http://www.tekla.com/bim-awards?tid=1131

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Focus on the Outcome

By Paul E. Beers They say there is no substitute for experience and when you get older you get wiser. I have been a businessman for over 35 years and a consultant for 27 of those. Over the years I have experienced success and failure. As time goes by there are a lot more successes [...]

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Hurricane Preparedness for Homeowners

Hurricane Preparedness for Homeowners in Preparation of Tropical Storm Erika Making Landfall in Florida As Tropical Storm Erika heads towards the Caribbean homeowners in Florida and other affected areas should ensure they are protected from the worst possible scenario. The hurricane preparedness experts at GCI Consultants, LLC (GCI) have put together a few tips to [...]

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ICRA Tips for Healthcare Facilities

With expansion and modernization a common place in the healthcare arena, renovation projects are common place. Healthcare facilities personnel and contractors know that ICRAs (infection control risk assessments) are a staple, but how many worker's know this fact? With over 10 years of infection control consulting experience in healthcare facilities there are many common items that [...]

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Commercial Real Estate Avoided Market Bust

The housing bubble that grew until it popped began over a decade ago and homeowners were hit extremely hard.  Commercial real estate has been rather stable in comparison  due to very little overbuilding.  One theory is that the transparency of large commercial projects makes it easy for builders to take note that a particular area [...]

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The Importance Of Air Quality Testing

Air quality is a major health concern with the amount of waste, pollution and germs that we are exposed to in today’s society. Indoor environmental quality can affect a person’s health and ability to work. This quality can be affected by lack of proper ventilation, mold or mildew exposure, humidity, temperature and pollution. The quality [...]

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