Infrared Testing for Construction

The Everything Building Envelope podcast ventured into the topic of infrared technology recently, with Terry Malagoli and Ilsa McIntyre of Infrared Testing Inc. on hand to discuss how the technology is benefiting the building industry. Infrared Testing Inc., based in Chicago, has grown from its modest beginnings in 1990, to a multi-million dollar corporation with [...]

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The Trials And Tribulations Of Replacement of a Commercial Roofing System

Okay so it’s time to replace the most important building component responsible for waterproofing your building, the roof. The way you go about this and consequential decisions made as a result will impact the integrity of the building and your level of stress, or desired peace of mind for years to come. In most instances, [...]

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A detailed discussion of subgrade waterproofing was at the forefront when Paul Beers invited David Gehlbach to the "Everything Building Envelope" podcast. David Gehlbach's background as a licensed architect contributes to his comprehensive understanding of subgrade waterproofing and the construction process. In his position as sales manager for the building products division at CETCO, David [...]

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40-Year Building Recertifications

On the "Everything Building Envelope" podcast, host Paul Beers and his guest James LaGreca discussed everything you need to know about that looming 40-year building recertification date, demystifying the process with some solid information and good advice. James LaGreca is Director of Operations for DSS Condo, a subdivision of Development Services Solutions, a leading construction management firm in Florida. James has a Master of Architecture degree and also teaches Structural Systems at Florida International University.

Next Generation of Construction Professionals

How is the construction industry managing workforce development for the future? That's the topic Paul Beers of GCI Consultants discussed with guest Dr. Mittie Cannon on the Everything Building Envelope podcast. Dr. Cannon is the manager of workforce development with Amec Foster Wheeler, a global organization that provides services to numerous operations in the public and private sector. She brought that expertise to Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) -- the national trade industry association -- when she served as the chair of the Workforce Development and Initiatives Committee. She remains involved with workforce development at ABC on the national and local Alabama Chapter level.

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Chief Economist For ABC: Outlook for Construction Industry 2017

Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) is a national trade industry association representing 21,000 members organized in 70 chapters. ABC helps members develop people, win work and deliver work safely, ethically and profitably for the benefit of the communities where they work. Paul Beers of GCI Consultants welcomed Anirban Basu, Chief Economist for ABC, to [...]

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Water Penetration Testing

By Shauna Sproul Field testing of building exteriors for water penetration, frequently simply called "water testing," is essential for identifying manufacturing and construction defects in windows, doors, skylights, and other openings in the building envelope.  For example, a window might leak due to problems with installation of waterproofing and perimeter sealant details, or because of [...]

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Construction Risk

Construction risks are many and they can be the difference between a successful and profitable project for all involved.  One of the least addressed but most expensive risks during construction is water intrusion or releases and its effects. From damaged materials, schedule delays and/or the most egregious mold growth and remediation, water intrusion at almost [...]

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Manufacturers Innovate to Create Better Storm-Resistant Construction Materials

Nature has provided the construction industry with its own natural hurricane lab - Florida. Out of the destruction of hurricanes have come significant innovations in building materials and code improvements. GCI has been at the forefront of these improvements, lending their expertise to new construction, hurricane-ravaged buildings, and beachfront properties. These are some of the [...]

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Comprehensive Inspections Can Lead to Long-Term Cost Savings

Most people have heard that one has to spend money to make money. However, in today’s uncertain economic times, companies across the country are not just looking to make money––they are also tightening their belts, battening down the hatches, and looking for ways to save. Even during these times, it is important to remember sometimes [...]

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