Top 3 Reasons For Waterproofing Your South Florida Home Or Building


Waterproofing your home or commercial building is incredibly important for the health of both the building and the people inside. The waterproofing process involves protecting the outside materials with a tough yet flexible coating. This prevents a slew of expensive repairs that can happen if moisture enters the structure.

Water damage can lead to a range of unexpected and unnoticeable issues. Here are the top three reasons why you should waterproof your building:

1. Your Building Will Be More Structurally Sound.

Walls absorb moisture from the air, especially in areas of high humidity, such as South Florida. When walls absorb this moisture, they eventually begin to decay.

Mold and mildew can grow and soften the materials that form the walls.  Think of your building as a sponge that seeps up moisture from the air. Now, think of how much softer and weaker a wet sponge is than a dry one. Waterproofing your building will help keep the moisture out and maintain strong walls.

2. Mold And Mildew Are Dangerous To Breathe And Expensive To Remove.

Mold and mildew problems present serious human health risks. Once mold and mildew start to grow, they are very difficult to remove.

If your building becomes damp enough that mold and mildew thrive, it is very likely that the problem has roots deep in the building’s infrastructure. This adds up to a costly cleanup and renovation to eradicate the problem. But waterproofing prevents this issue from ever happening, which is great for both the infrastructure of your home and the health of the inhabitants.

3. Dampness Can Lead To Water Intrusion.

As more and more dampness and moisture work their way into your building, the walls will begin to tear and crack. These cracks can expand until they cause leaks and require major structural repair. To avoid this problem, contact GCI Consultants at 561-689-0055 today for more information about waterproofing your building.

Indoor Air Quality Testing Is Important In South Florida

Besides waterproofing your building, consider getting an indoor air quality test. In areas where humidity is high, there can be mold or mildew problems that lead to health issues. Indoor air quality testing can put your mind at ease by identifying toxins and pollutants so they can be removed.

Indoor air quality testing is especially important in winter months when a building typically enjoys less outside air ventilation. During this time, tests will show if there are any chemicals or toxins heavily present in the air. Mold or mildew also may be found during testing.