4 Steps Of Commercial Waterproofing Services In South Florida


South Florida is a wonderful place to live—most of the time. Unfortunately, wind, rain and natural disasters can wreak havoc on infrastructure near the coast, leaving homeowners and entrepreneurs with extensive damage to their houses and businesses.

Sure, insurance may cover the bulk of the repairs, but what about the inconvenience of being displaced for weeks or even months at a time? The best way to protect your home or business from water damage is by taking preventative measures, before the destruction even occurs.

If you need commercial waterproofing services in south Florida, look no further than GCI Consultants. We can take care of all your waterproofing needs, granting you peace of mind the next time a violent hurricane makes its way up the coast.

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1. Written Plan 

When you hire the most professional waterproofing consultants in South Florida, our moisture management plan for you will begin with a written report. In your report, we’ll detail the necessary procedures to prevent water from flowing into the building during construction, as well as a response plan in case of emergency flooding.

2. Camera Scans 

Our moisture management plan includes infrared camera scans at various stages of construction to identify any problem areas or unintended pockets of moisture buildup.  Our cameras will also tell us if the overall remediation was successful.

3. Final Check From Your Waterproofing Consultants In South Florida 

After construction is complete, your waterproofing consultants in south Florida will conduct a final check of all fire, plumbing and mechanical systems on the property to ensure that dry conditions are present. Our job is not finished until you’re satisfied with the results.

4. Report Following Inspection 

After our final inspection, we will provide you with a written report detailing the results and reassuring you that you don’t need to worry about water damage in your home or office anymore. You can keep this report on file and refer to it if you ever have any further questions.

Living in south Florida comes with inherent risks, including hurricanes and fierce winds. Don’t let water damage disrupt your lifestyle.

If you’re ready to waterproof your home or business and are in need of commercial waterproofing services in south Florida, call us today at 561-689-0055!