4 Standards Of Flood Testing In South Florida


Anyone who lives in south Florida can tell you just how unpredictable the weather there is. Even if you have flood insurance for your home, it’s hard to put a dollar amount on just how much of a hassle flooding can be.

From losing prized possessions to the inconvenience of displacement, living in a home that might flood is never a good idea. At GCI Consultants, we provide flood testing in south Florida, so you can have peace of mind knowing that your home is safe the next time a hurricane strikes.

If you’d like to arrange flood tests in south Florida, call us today at 561-689-0055. We can conduct flood tests of all waterproofing elements in your home or business, and we rely on methods determined by the American Society for Testing and Materials.

Read on for four standards that the ASTM helps people test for in their own homes.

1. Horizontal Surfaces 

The ASTM Standard Guide for Flood Testing encourages homeowners to determine the water-tightness of installations on horizontal surfaces, which have a slope that is less than 20mm per meter, or 0.25 inches per foot.

2. Installations Under Ponded Water 

Though Floridians don’t need to worry about their roofs holding up to heavy snow in the wintertime, they do need to worry about installations in their home holding up to the weight of water. You can arrange for flood tests in south Florida that will test if the horizontal installations in your house can hold up to significant increases in weight if water were to pool over them during a flood.

3. Deflection 

If the horizontal installations in your home do not appear strong enough to hold up significant amounts of water, you can reinforce them, as well as devise deflection methods to divert ponded water. At GCI consultants, we can help you determine a course of action if your home were to come under excessive water.

4. Overall Water-Tightness 

Aside from the above specifics, we can test for overall water-tightness in your home and basement, as well as provide solutions if it does not appear that your house could sustain itself during a flood. If you need flood testing in south Florida, the experts at GCI Consultants can help.

Effective Flood Tests In South Florida

Aside from flood testing, we also perform new building services, including sealant adhesion testing, field air testing and water infiltration testing. Call us at 561-689-0055 to arrange a consultation today.