Understanding The Importance Of Moisture Management In South Florida

//Understanding The Importance Of Moisture Management In South Florida

Understanding The Importance Of Moisture Management In South Florida

A Moisture Management Plan identifies the procedures necessary to prevent water from getting into the building during the construction process. There are several reasons to hire a moisture management company in South Florida like GCI Consultants. As part of our services, we:

1. Prepare a written Moisture Management Plan. We also provide a response plan in case of accidental water introduction.

2. Conduct infrared camera scans intermittently to confirm conditions are still dry. If there are areas of unintended moisture, we will create a removal plan.

3. Perform a final check for plumbing leaks, fire and mechanical systems, using an infrared camera to verify dry conditions.

GCI Consultants provides written reports every time we do an inspection. For more information about moisture management, call us at 561-689-0055 today!

Reasons for Performing Water Infiltration Tests in South Florida

Initial water leakage damage occurs in concealed building components. By the time outward signs of damage, such as stains, mold or finish material degradation are apparent, the leakage may have an issue for a long time. When project managers skip water infiltration tests in South Florida, it leaves the entire operation vulnerable to lawsuits from water leakage issues.

There are two organizations tasked with providing standards for fenestration products: the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) and the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM).

AAMA includes mostly manufacturer members who provide curtain wall, storefront and skylight products to the industry. ASTM includes engineers, architects, manufacturers and consultants. ASTM sets test methods that follow AAMA standards.

There are several methods for identify water resistance in fenestration components and assemblies:

  • Still Flood Testing:  A quick method to check for defects in frame joinery seals at intersections of the curtain wall, window and door products. Still Flood Testing involves damming the sill section to prevent water from draining through holes.
  • Nozzle Testing:  A simple test method to identify deficiencies in seals, gaskets and frame joinery. The tester sprays the seals, gaskets and framer joinery with a special nozzle. This may take some time, but it does not require a lot of specialized equipment.
  • Differential Pressure Testing:  A more complicated test that requires specialized equipment, such as a test chamber and blowers, to verify if the building envelope resists water infiltration according to design criteria.

GCI Consultants performs water infiltration tests in South Florida in accordance with standards set by ASTM and AAMA. For more information about water infiltration and moisture management services in South Florida, call us at 561-689-0055 today!


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