Comprehensive Waterproofing Inspections Performed By GCI Consultants

//Comprehensive Waterproofing Inspections Performed By GCI Consultants

Comprehensive Waterproofing Inspections Performed By GCI Consultants

Water may be vital for life, but when it comes to building maintenance, water leaks can cause serious issues, including mold, poor air quality and structural hazards. It is important to perform regular maintenance checks on aging buildings to ensure that water leakage hasn’t become a problem.

GCI Consultants perform internal and external inspections of buildings to make sure that water leakage doesn’t become an issue. First, visual and audible checks are part of every inspection to note any trouble areas that seem to have a leak or detectable symptoms of water damage.

Additionally, infrared cameras can survey all areas of the building where water leakage may be a problem. These cameras ensure that no possible trouble areas are missed via visual or audible inspection.

Infrared cameras are able to detect changes in temperature and show exactly where—and how severe—water leaks, damage or mold may be. This technology allows us to confidently assess damage and determine what the plan of action should be to stop leaks and repair affected areas.

After our inspection, we provide a comprehensive analysis and written report covering any findings and necessary repair notes, along with cost estimates of the damage or preventative measures that need to be taken.

To learn more about waterproofing and building inspections, as well as how GCI Consultants can help in your next due diligence building inspection, call us at 561-689-0055.


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