What Is A Building Envelope And How Does It Affect Your Structure

cbeecherBuilding Envelope

The building envelope is the area between the interior and exterior components. In older homes and buildings, you may feel drafts, which are a result of poorly insulated building envelopes. The foundation, roof, floor and wall systems are all components of the building envelope, and they are the keys to an energy-efficient and comfortable building.

To keep your home or office insulated from outdoor elements, the building envelope must be properly sealed to form an airtight environment. On top of the threat of heat loss and drafts, buildings without properly sealed envelopes are at risk for excess moisture. In order to keep your home or commercial property energy-efficient, saving you money on utility costs, and safe from excess moisture that can lead to dangerous mold, you may need a building inspection.

If you are developing a new home, or if you have an existing residence that you would like to make more energy efficient, GCI Consultants offers services for both new construction and existing buildings. We can identify problem areas in both building types and offer solutions to strengthen the building envelopes. If you would like to learn more, call GCI Consultants, LLC at 561-689-0055.