Water Prevention Tips For Businesses


As expensive as they may be residential homes, water leaks are even more costly in commercial structures. Hotels, office buildings, and retail establishments submit a disproportionate number of claims for water damage to their insurance providers. In most cases, the culprit is a small leak that gets progressively worse over time. The problem can often be easily and inexpensively addressed with a comprehensive water damage mitigation program.

What does it entail?

Every owner of a commercial property should have a detailed checklist that helps manage potential risks. Here is an abbreviated sample:

  • Are known leaks promptly repaired?
  • Is there a more serious cause of recurrent water damage?
  • Is the housekeeping staff aware that they must notify management and/or maintenance whenever water damage or leaks are encountered?
  • Is there a maintenance person who can repair a leak 24/7/365?
  • Does commercial insurance cover the cost of water damage?
  • Are professional water remediation services available for hire in the area?

The purpose of the above list is to call attention to the dangers of water damage. All employees should be aware of the fact that even a small leak can result in expensive repairs that may not be covered by commercial insurance. Therefore, they should always report them immediately.