The Importance Of Air Quality Testing

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Air quality is a major health concern with the amount of waste, pollution and germs that we are exposed to in today’s society. Indoor environmental quality can affect a person’s health and ability to work. This quality can be affected by lack of proper ventilation, mold or mildew exposure, humidity, temperature and pollution.

The quality of air in the workplace can be affected by many different factors. Not having enough ventilation is a common cause of poor indoor air quality. Lack of outdoor air or contaminated air being disseminated through the office is unhealthy and unsettling. Ventilation needs of buildings vary, so a lack of windows or poor upkeep of heating and air-conditioning systems may be at fault for making your office stuffy.

Especially if you work at a health care facility where illness is prevalent, or in an office where chemicals, waste or construction materials are dealt with, air quality is important.

Making certain that proper ventilation is available, that moisture levels and potential damage due to leaks are dealt with and that the building has enough availability to adequately expose occupants to fresh outdoor air will keep employees, happy, focused and most importantly, healthy.

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