The Advantages Of Installing Storm Windows


Storm windows are fitted windows that go over existing windows to give your home or office another layer of insulation. These are very beneficial for your building envelope and can help when it comes to hurricane and heavy storm damage, as well as many other benefits.

What Are Some Benefits Of Storm Windows?

1. Lower Energy Bills 

Older homes and buildings can lose a lot of energy through single-pane windows. Adding the insulation of storm windows to existing windows can increase the amount of energy that your building is able to conserve and will save money from the monthly power bill in the process.  

2. Increase Comforts 

By insulating the areas where most hot and cold air is able to escape, storm windows help regulate the temperature of your space. Additionally, they are able to block UV rays that can damage curtains, flooring and furniture.  

3. Storm Protection 

Damage caused by storms can cost a lot of money. From the initial evaluation to the repairs and replacements that are a direct cause of harm from the elements, hurricane and storm damage is not a laughing matter. Adding storm windows can help deter damage and lessen fear and uncertainty when it comes to the protection of your building.

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