Replacement of Rotten Framing

cbeecherBuilding Envelope

GCI Consultant’s work entails the replacement of rotten framing. The picture above is a clear example of the damage water intrusion can do to a wood-framed home. As seen, the window sill no longer has support to the remainder of the structure. This can further damage the home in the long-term with extra stresses acting on the opening during a high-wind storm.

As seen above, we ensure that all rotten framing and insulation is replaced in its entirety and adequately installed to the opening with structural strapping and the appropriate concrete anchors. In doing so, GCI can guarantee that the loads acting on the opening are sufficiently transferred from the roof joists to the foundation slab.

Before glazing installing occurs, new plywood and Tyvek Stucco Wrap is installed over top the new framing. This begins the opening’s weatherization process. Before the new windows are installed, the opening is covered with a thick plastic coating; this is to ensure the Tyvek Weather Barrier is not damaged in the interim.