How Protect Your Home From Wind Damage


The high winds generated by hurricanes and tornadoes can pose a serious threat to lives and to property. Because material items can always be replaced, it is important to evacuate any area threatened by these severe weather events when instructed by authorities. However, that does not mean that you should leave your home completely unprotected from the elements. One fairly simple and affordable way shield your home and property from extreme storms is to windproof it with the help of a professional builder or contractor.

What does wind-proofing entail?

First and most importantly, you may have to obtain a series of building permits based on the additions and alterations you intend to make.  To find out which permits you require, contact your local building department; in most cases, these permits can be obtained without much fuss.

Since it is designed to protect your abode from the elements, your roof with take the brunt of any storm’s fury.  The vulnerable structure may sustain damage during extreme weather, but you can minimize it by simply having it inspected, maintained, and reinforced on a regular basis.

For obvious reasons, windows and door are also susceptible to wind damage when a violent storm passes through. You can shield them from harm with storm windows or temporary plywood covers. Both have proven highly effective at reducing the risk of damage caused by wind and flying debris.