Hurricane Irene potential storm damage and survival tips for New York, D.C.


As Hurricane Irene moves northward, our thoughts are with those on East Coast. Paul Beers of Glazing Consultants International, LLC, speaks about potential storm damage in this MarketWatch article by Jennifer Waters:

10 hurricane survival tips for New York, D.C.
Hurricane Irene promises chaos most urbanites have never seen.

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Paul BeersPaul is the Managing Member of Glazing Consultants International, LLC (GCI), a building envelope consulting firm in business since 1988. He has over 25 years experience in the window and glazing trade and with building envelopes. He is a leading expert with glazing systems and hurricane damage and protection and was instrumental in the development and implementation of missile impact tests after Hurricane Andrew hit Dade County, FL. His expertise includes windows, doors, glass and wall claddings with an emphasis on water leakage and damage. He has served as an expert witness in federal and circuit courts for windows, doors, glass and wall systems and water leakage. Paul can be reached at