How To Hire The Right Mold Remediation Consultant


 Of the many chronic, degenerative issues that can affect your home, mold is one of the most expensive to address.  The only bright spot is that mold infestations are generally pretty easy for even the layperson to diagnosis. As a general rule, if you can see and smell mold in your abode, you have it!

What causes it?

Mold is almost always the result of improper ventilation and excess moisture.  Growth usually starts in subterranean environments, like the basement or an underground garage, and slowly makes it way to the surface. When observed, mold issues must be dealt with by trained professionals; there is no way you can handle the problem on your own.

How to find a good consultant or contractor

  • Get several estimates from reputable professionals.
  • Request a list of recent customers and contact them to see if they were satisfied with the work
  • Demand a written inspection report that includes a comprehensive summary of all inspected areas, plus an estimate. Do not deal with a contractor who refuses to provide an initial estimate or will not agree to a price within a certain, reasonable range. (A contractor who says he can get the job done for around this or that amount should not be trusted.)