Building Envelope Commissioning Ensures Greater Comfort And Energy Efficiency

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The envelope (or enclosure) of a building refers to the separation between the interior space and the exterior. In other words, it is the outer shell that protects the indoor environment and helps to maintain its climate control. Building envelope commissioning is the process in which the performance of the facility’s envelope is investigated and evaluated to identify problems.

Damage Evaluation Services

GCI Consultants provides an array of services for all aspects of the building envelope. From building envelope commissioning to damage evaluation, we can identify problems and provide workable solutions. For more information about our services, Call Us At 561-689-0055 Today!

A building’s envelope is designed to fulfill three different functions. First, it provides support for the mechanical load of the structure. Second, it controls the flow of all kinds of energy into and out of the building, and finally, it meets the purposes of the people who use the building.

The envelope is comprised of the foundations, the walls, doors, windows and roof, and the science of envelope commissioning is to examine the performance of materials, design, connections and the durability and effectiveness of the system.

An effective building envelope will protect the interior from outdoor climate and weather, improve air quality and promote energy efficiency. To accomplish this, the enclosure will have to be solid, the drainage effective and the envelope will have to provide a barrier against air, heat and moisture.

The commissioning team will thoroughly investigate a project to ensure that it is meeting the specific envelope quality requirements of the project owner. The process can run throughout the construction project from pre-design to completion, as well as provide ongoing information throughout the life of the building.

Keeping Occupants Comfortable

This process is important to ensure the comfort of those who will be living and working inside the building, as well as protecting the owners or renters from unnecessarily high energy bills. It can also protect the long-term life of the building by protecting the structure from damaging elements, such as water seepage.

GCI Consultants has provided building envelope commission services for thousands of projects across North, South and Central America, working in numerous climates and confronting a wide variety of structural challenges. We also provide damage evaluation. Whether it’s a new building project or an existing building, our experience and expertise can help.

We can identify problems before, during and after construction and recommend solutions to improve performance deficiencies. For more information about our services, Call Us At 561-689-0055 Today!