3 Ways To Avoid Mold Growth In Your Home

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“Mold” is a word that can send any buyer running from a god sale. Mold can cause financial and health issues for any family. To keep you and your family safe, check out these three ways to prevent or stop mold growth, and help keep it under control:

1. Get Rid Of The Clutter

Household clutter cuts off airflow, preventing your HVAC system from doing its job: air circulation. Draperies and furniture that block supply grates cause condensation. The dampness produces microclimates that welcome and increase mold growth.

2. Indoor Climate Control

Mold usually forms in hot, damp and humid areas. So when it’s summer and you’re cranking up the AC, keep it in mind that if turned up too high, it won’t dehumidify the air effectively; alternatively, if the AC is kept too low, cold surfaces will cause water vapor to condense.

3. Keep The Windows Shut When The AC Is On

When you were younger your parents probably yelled a lot about keeping the doors and windows open while the AC was on. Well, there’s more reason for that other than the fact that it’s wasting money. Keeping the windows open and the AC on invites humid air to tango with cool air, which in turn, causes condensation – and mold loves condensation.

Fixing mold damage is time-consuming and expensive. If you’re unsure how bad your mold situation is, call us at 561-689-0055 now!