3 Types Of Property Damage Evaluations In South Florida You Should Be Aware Of

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From warm, sandy beaches to lush orange groves, there are dozens of reasons Americans relocate to South Florida every year. Despite its numerous aspects of paradise, though, the state has some characteristics that are less than desirable. For example, though the wildlife thrives in the moisture and humidity of South Florida, it can wreak havoc on most manmade items, including buildings and homes. Here at GCI, our dedicated experts have made it their focus to ensure every building has adequate glazing on its exterior, as well as proper roofing and waterproofing systems, and we routinely perform property damage evaluations in South Florida. Call us today at 561-689-0055! Here are three types of property damage evaluations we perform.

1. Mold

Mold is a type of fungus that prefers to grow in dark, damp places, which makes the attics and basements of south Florida a perfect environment for it. Part of our property damage evaluation at GCI includes checking for mold, as well as identifying the extent of its growth. Our trained professionals use their own observation skills, along with destructive analysis, infrared cameras, material sampling, and air sampling.

We will also prepare and administer a mold remediation plan that will inhibit future outbreaks. Because mold can be dangerous to a person’s health, especially as an allergen, we ensure the job is performed quickly and correctly the first time.

2.  Water Damage

Water can do a severe amount of damage to any building, and those in south Florida are especially prone to its destructive patterns. If you think your home or office might have water damage, we can investigate both inside and outside the building. Our experts will determine the source of the problem and repair any damage that has occurred.

3. Hurricane Damage

South Florida is notorious for its fierce hurricanes, which can cause a lot of damage to buildings. If you call on GCI to investigate, we will determine just how much hurricane damage has occurred and prepare a comprehensive report that documents the damage, as well as the necessary remediation for its improvement.

Don’t forget the importance of glazing evaluation in south Florida!

Mold and water damage aside, GCI can also perform glazing evaluation in South Florida, which is especially critical for ensuring your home or office avoids water damage in the future. Call us today and get in touch with an expert at 561-689-0055!