Services - Solvers and Preventers of Building Envelope Problems!


AIRGCI Building Inspections

We’re proud to be part of this moment. It’s clearly a highly efficient way of doing business and providing clients with an outstanding roof inspection, but it’s also much more than that. This technology is going to make building inspections safer, faster and less expensive.
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Building Envelope

Success or failure of a building envelope, including waterproofing, cladding, glazing and roofing, can determine the outcome of a project. Litigation, energy loss, insurability, indoor air quality, moisture
damage and natural disasters all threaten the investment.
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GCI’s suite of services includes engineering and inspection services. Led by Alfonso Alzamora, P.E, services include the assessment of various buildings and projects for compliance with the applicable building codes, acceptable standards of the construction industry and general condition inspections.
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Litigation Consulting

We have testified as experts at jury trials and arbitration proceedings. More importantly, our expert advice prior to trial can help resolve disputes. We strive for a realistic, impartial and reasonable approach to problems and claims, and by working with towards a fair and reasonable settlement, we often save our clients substantial expert and attorneys fees.
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Roofing Consulting

Services are provided for commercial or multi-unit residential facilities and may including forensic testing, life cycle analysis, storm damage analysis, preparation of scope of work and consequential comprehensive project management and quality assurance enforcement.
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