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GCI has extensive experience with hurricane damage evaluations and claims. Nobody does it better!

If you are in need, please consider us for:

  • Exterior building envelope wind damage assessments
  • Insurance claim analysis and assistance – Detailed Reports
  • Repair procedures and specifications
  • Water leakage identification and repair consultation

Please call us at 1.877.740.9990 or email for assistance with wind damage assessment and recovery.

Commercial Building Hurricane Recovery

Residential Hurricane Recovery

We also have hurricane damage and recovery resources on our blog article here.

The September 15th episode of the Everything Building Envelope Podcast discusses the Hurricane Irma impact and recovery. It can be accessed at or by subscribing on iTunes or Stitcher.

Hurricane Irma Recovery Tips

(Released on September 15th)

  • What to look for in Roof Assessments
  • Identifying Exterior Building Problems
  • Windows – Doors – Glass – Frames
  • Mitigate your damage tips
  • Flood Damage
  • What about the next storm

Water Leaks Caused by Hurricane Irma

By Jason Bondurant, EI
GCI Consultants, LLC

While media coverage of the devastation following Hurricane Irma focuses on catastrophic wind damage, flooding, and power outages, a much more common and sometimes equally as devastating effect from the storm is often overlooked: water leaks. The costs of the damaging effects and necessary repairs due to water penetration into a building’s supporting structure and interior finishes are one of the leading causes for insurance claims. Building owners and property managers are faced with the difficult task of finding a solution to these issues quickly after the storm.

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