Everything Building Envelope Series

//Everything Building Envelope Series

Everything Building Envelope Series

GCI Consultants Announces the Everything Building Envelope Series by Paul Beers.
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A unique podcast series is launching for those of you involved, working in and interested in the construction industry. Building owners, Architects, Construction Firms, Contractors and Vendors etc. will benefit and enjoy listening to this podcast series from Paul Beers, CEO of GCI Consultants, LLC www.gciconsultants.com

Join Paul for the launch of his new podcast series.

“Everything Building Envelope”

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Paul and his guests will discuss various topics such as:

  • Everything related to the exterior building envelope
  • Best Practices
  • Emerging Trends
  • Water Infiltration
  • Litigation
  • Construction Methods
  • Hazards to Avoid

Join Paul March 1st for the kick-off of his “Everything Building Envelope” series!

This podcast series is designed to discuss current industry information, to educate and to keep you informed of current trends as well as to address best practices from industry experts.

GCI Consultants, LLC is a Building Envelope, Engineering and Consulting firm (www.gciconsultants.com) specializing in the entire exterior of buildings. The team consists of highly experience and dedicated experts with knowledge in all aspects of the building envelope. Our primary focus is to provide value to our clients by advising on proper performance of their buildings.


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About the Author:

GCI is a team of highly experienced and dedicated experts in all aspects of the building envelope. Our primary focus is to provide value to our clients by assuring proper performance of the exterior glazing, wall, roofing and waterproofing systems as well as managing the impact of moisture on the interior of the building during and after the construction process. We assist by preventing problems in buildings under construction and by investigating problems and providing solutions for existing buildings with performance deficiencies. Our thousands of successful projects throughout North, Central, and South America and the Caribbean are a strong testament to our enduring contributions in every type of climate and region.