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Maria Rivera

Consultant & Project Manager

Maria Rivera joined the GCI Consultants team in 2015 as a Project Engineer working on a massive restoration project. Her field performance revolved around inspecting glazing and waterproofing systems, testing stucco and concrete to determine what needed to be repaired and making sure that everything met the standards and specifications of the project. In November 2017, Maria was promoted to a new position as Project Manager working on hurricane wind damage investigations. In January of 2018, she was promoted to Director of our Hurricane Division. Maria will be supervising and training a group of inspectors that will be conducting field inspections. Maria will supervise the logistics for field tasks and preparation of deliverables. She will assemble draft documents for final review and maintain projects schedule, budget and documents.

Maria graduated from an ABET-accredited university where she earned a Civil Engineering degree and a Master’s degree in Engineering Management. Maria has experience in construction projects, construction safety, engineering design and drafting.

Maria possesses advanced analytical capabilities, she is fully bilingual in English and Spanish, and is a dynamic self-starter with excellent teamwork principles. Marias strengths include determination, handling responsibility, being detail oriented and she has quick learning and problem-solving abilities.

Marias goal is to provide unparalleled service to our clients.

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