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GCI is a team of highly experienced and dedicated experts in all aspects of the building envelope. Our primary focus is to provide value to our clients by assuring proper performance of the exterior glazing, wall, roofing and waterproofing systems as well as managing the impact of moisture on the interior of the building during and after the construction process. We assist by preventing problems in buildings under construction and by investigating problems and providing solutions for existing buildings with performance deficiencies. Our thousands of successful projects throughout North, Central, and South America and the Caribbean are a strong testament to our enduring contributions in every type of climate and region.

Panama City Hurricane Inspections

GCI Consultants Begins Hurricane Michael Damage Inspections GCI Consultants, LLC., a building envelope consulting firm with expertise in Hurricane Damage Inspections, is establishing an inspection team in the Panama City, Florida area to begin inspecting damaged buildings following Hurricane Michael devastating the area last October 2018.  The first assignment will be inspection of damaged [...]

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Deploy Drones for Envelope Inspections

Inspecting your building envelope and roof is no easy feat. The taller your building, the more dangerous it is to gain access to the upper levels. Plus, the time-consuming nature of the work makes it expensive, especially if you have to send multiple inspectors to the roof. But a new technology is changing the way [...]

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The Trials And Tribulations Of Replacement of a Commercial Roofing System

Okay so it’s time to replace the most important building component responsible for waterproofing your building, the roof. The way you go about this and consequential decisions made as a result will impact the integrity of the building and your level of stress, or desired peace of mind for years to come. In most instances, [...]

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AAMA to Host Webinar on Glazing System Performance During Hurricane Irma

During this already active hurricane season, the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) will host a webinar about lessons learned from 2017’s Hurricane Irma, which primarily impacted Florida. AAMA will host Chris Matthews, Vice President and Senior Consultant of GCI Consultants, as he speaks about glazing system performance during Hurricane Irma. Observations from hundreds of inspections [...]

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Roof Consulting

Wise Words on Roofs Chris Matthews, vice president and senior consultant for GCI Consultants, stepped into the role of host for a recent episode of the "Everything Building Envelope" podcast, to engage in a timely discussion with roof expert and new GCI team member, Derek Segal. Derek comes to GCI from a successful career as [...]

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GCI Wins Readers Choice Awards Again

Fifth Annual Readers’ Choice Award Winners Announced March 1, 2018—Florida Community Association Journal magazine announced its fifth annual Readers’ Choice Award winners in the March 2018 issue of the magazine with an expanded section profiling notable winners for the year. One of the more notable winners was: GCI Consultants, LLC.  GCI Consultants are solvers and [...]

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Welcome Derek Segal to Team GCI

In our quest to provide comprehensive assessments of your entire building envelope, GCI is pleased to announce expansion of our scope of services to include building envelope services and comprehensive roofing services. Services GCI will provide include inspections and condition assessments, storm damage evaluations, window and door analysis, litigation support, design and implementation of roof [...]

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Hurricane Irma Aftermath – Press Release

GCI Consultants Investigates Water Leakage in Hurricane-Resistant Windows Ravaged by Hurricane Irma Field Water Infiltration Tests Used to Re-Create Catastrophic Wind and Rain Conditions of Irma  West Palm Beach, FL—Jan. 31, 2018—As Hurricane Irma trekked through Florida, she left behind a trail of destructive flooding, wind damage and power outages. [...]

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Cascadia Windows and Doors

Cascadia Takes Windows to the Limit Paul Beers welcomed Michael Bousfield, Technical Director of Cascadia Windows and Doors, to the studio for a recent episode of the "Everything Building Envelope" podcast to talk about innovations in window design. Cascadia Windows and Doors manufactures energy-efficient, high-quality windows and doors. Michael talked about Cascadia's development and the [...]

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Hurricane Windows Meet Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Windows Meet Hurricane Irma The "Everything Building Envelope" podcast brought back guest Will Smith for a third time on a recent episode, this time for more discussion about the aftermath of Hurricane Irma. Will Smith works alongside podcast host Paul Beers at GCI Consultants and has a vast store of knowledge about glazing systems [...]

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