Disputes sometimes arise during or after completion of construction. GCI’s highly sought after experts have a wide range of experience with windows, doors, glazing, exterior walls, waterproofing and roofing. We are experienced with the litigation process. We have testified as experts at jury trials and arbitration proceedings. More importantly, our expert advice prior to trial can help resolve disputes. We strive for a realistic, impartial and reasonable approach to problems and claims, and by working with towards a fair and reasonable settlement, we often save our clients substantial expert and attorneys fees.


• Claims review and analysis as outlined above
• Identification of issues and needed actions to resolve claims
• Consult with client to advise about claim related issues and possible resolutions.

Expert Witness Testimony

• Analysis of issues in question to develop or respond to a claim
• Claims review and analysis as needed
• Review and analysis of other expert reports and claims
• Independent investigation and analysis
• Rendering of expert opinions
• Provide expert testimony at depositions, hearings and trials, if requested.

Claims Analysis

• Written and Oral Reports- Report findings to client orally or in writing with opinions as to the validity
of any claims and recommendations to remedy deficiencies
• Site Inspections- Inspect field conditions and compare with claims and supporting documents
• Document Review and Analysis- Review written claim and supporting documents