Glazing Consultants International, LLC, was retained shortly after CasaMagna Marriott Cancun Resort was damaged by the Category 4 winds of Hurricane Wilma in October of 2005.

Skylights over public areas and several large curtain wall windows in the lobby were blown off.
Guest room sliding glass doors and windows were damaged. Immediately after the storm, the
hotel’s insurer dropped coverage. Another insurance provider agreed to provide coverage
going forward with the caveat that the building needed to be upgraded to exceed Miami-Dade
Hurricane Standards.

The Challenge: The curtain walls were arch-topped openings approximately 30-feet wide and 30-feet
tall. The system had to resist loads developed from 150-miles-per-hour wind speeds to comply with
Miami Dade missile impact requirements, while retaining the colonial architectural look of the hotel.

Services: GCI assessed the damage and assisted with the insurance claim. GCI designed new
windows, doors, curtain walls and skylights and helped procure and supervise the work. New guest
room sliding glass doors and windows were specified and sourced. GCl’s engineers designed steel span
supports to allow an aesthetically pleasing aluminum and glass system to be utilized. For the skylights.
our engineers designed new roof supports to allow for installation of a high performance system. During
installation, GCI provided site inspections and field water testing to insure proper quality of the work.

Results: Portions of the hotel were reopened to guests in the summer of 2006, and all of the work was
completed in 2007. The new exterior building envelope met all of the insurance company’s
requirements. The property has experienced several tropical weather events since completion with no
problems. GCl’s hurricane-resistant design will provide safe shelter to hotel guests and employees in
future storms and prevent future closings and disruptions.

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