GCI Consultants, LLC, was retained to provide new construction quality control consulting services at the Campus USA Credit Union Headquarters in Gainesville, Florida.  The building is 95,000 square feet, three stories high, with an open atrium, skylight above and curtain wall assemblies around the perimeter.  The project was completed in 2010.

Services:  GCI provided water infiltration testing to the skylight, curtain walls and storefront assemblies using test method ASTM E1105 and AAMA 501.2-03 Standards.

The Challenge: The skylight covered a major portion of the roof in a three-story atrium area, resulting in challenging test conditions.  A platform was erected from the ground up to the bottom of the skylight, and special water testing assemblies were created to hold the water spray equipment over the skylight on the exterior and support the test chambers below the skylight on the interior.

Results:  Water infiltration testing was conducted on each light of the skylight and curtain wall assemblies indicating a pass or fail of the assemblies and sealants.  Those not passing were repaired and retested.  The project was successfully completed and all water leakage problems were resolved