Hurricane Irma Aftermath – Press Release

GCI Consultants Investigates Water Leakage in Hurricane-Resistant Windows Ravaged by Hurricane Irma Field Water Infiltration Tests Used to Re-Create Catastrophic Wind and Rain Conditions of Irma  West Palm Beach, FL—Jan. 31, 2018—As Hurricane Irma trekked through Florida, she left behind a trail of destructive flooding, wind damage and power outages. [...]

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Cascadia Windows and Doors

Cascadia Takes Windows to the Limit Paul Beers welcomed Michael Bousfield, Technical Director of Cascadia Windows and Doors, to the studio for a recent episode of the "Everything Building Envelope" podcast to talk about innovations in window design. Cascadia Windows and Doors manufactures energy-efficient, high-quality windows and doors. Michael talked about Cascadia's development and the [...]

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Hurricane Resistant Windows & Doors

After our experience with Hurricane Matthew, many on the east coast were relieved at the end of the 2016 hurricane season.  Matthew was primarily a water event as opposed to a wind event, but nevertheless, uncertainty forced homeowners and businesses to invest thousands upon thousands of hours installing plywood covers, storm panels, and other types [...]

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Tremco’s Solutions for Waterproofing Systems

A riveting and timely discussion between host Paul Beers and his guest Mike Buchholz of Tremco, covering a wide range of issues related to waterproofing, is now available on the "Everything Building Envelope" podcast. Mike Buchholz has been with Tremco since 2003 and is currently a regional district manager in the Commercial Sealants and Waterproofing [...]

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A detailed discussion of subgrade waterproofing was at the forefront when Paul Beers invited David Gehlbach to the "Everything Building Envelope" podcast. David Gehlbach's background as a licensed architect contributes to his comprehensive understanding of subgrade waterproofing and the construction process. In his position as sales manager for the building products division at CETCO, David [...]

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Pre-Glazed, Unitized, Impact-Resistant Windows and Doors

Pre-Glazed, Unitized, Impact-Resistant Windows and Doors Remarkable innovations in glazing were the focus of Paul Beer's discussion with Ray Crawford on the Everything Building Envelope podcast. Ray Crawford worked his way up from the ground floor of the Crawford-Tracey Corporation to his current position as president of the family business. The Crawford-Tracey [...]

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Waterproofing Exterior Walls

Waterproofing Exterior Walls It might take years to see the effects of moisture infiltration to the house, but the results can be structurally devastating and expensive to repair. Preventing water from entering through the exterior wall is one of the most challenging parts of construction. Waterproofing Methods A barrier system is commonly used to [...]

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Drones for Construction Consulting Saves Money for Clients

GCI Consultants Deploys Drones for Safer, Smarter Consulting in the Construction Industry “Air GCI has received its operating certificate from the FAA and is beginning flights….” Picture this: Before the workday begins at a construction site, a lightweight, nearly-silent inspection drone skims the outer walls and roof of the building. It quickly documents the potential [...]

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Waterproofing Systems from Ground to Roof

Building envelopes are an essential structure in waterproofing. In a recent podcast called Everything Building Envelope www.everythingbuildingenvelope.com  by host Paul Beers, Peter Craig Senior Consultant for GCI Consultants, LLC talked waterproofing in places like Florida where moisture is a constant feature. He also talked about building envelopes and how they create a shell separating the [...]

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Wet Sealing Glazing Systems to Halt Water Intrusion

By Paul E. Beers Example of Bad Wet Seal I recently tried a Google search for the term “Wet Seal” and found it is a clothing chain for teenage girls that filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in January.   I did not find any information about what I was looking for, which is a [...]

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